#11 - Orbit of Order - My Agenda

I'm human. I'm not a machine. There are those folks that would make Henry Ford proud – 'drive myself till I drop'. But God made us in His image and with flesh, blood, bone, and brain that man can't come close to duplicating, with technology, or even explanation.

Further, David, the Psalm writer, in 139 verse 14, adds to many scriptures that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. But our amazing bodies are still only temporary; they aren't designed to last for eternity, or even be abused, by self-mutilation or subjected to stampede-mode daily agendas.

Our bodies require adequate deep rest overnight and 'time-outs' throughout each day. In case you haven't figured it out, God is fully capable of maintaining the planet, and even your own little world, so long as you let Him do what He's best at. You'll likely be embarrassed to see the things you worry about getting done, day after day, that won't destroy the earth if you don't get them done. Those time-outs even accomplish great things (in your agenda) as you pause often, at the keyboard and take a trip or two around your chair, and finish with shaking loose those stiff muscles.

Focusing on the beginning of our daily agenda, we most often 'starve the horse'. We jump into our task list without eating any breakfast, let alone a nourishing breakfast. It's no wonder our body starts running down well before lunch. Our energy and creativity take a kamikaze nose dive. Make that breakfast time a crucial fuel-up for launch. Ask yourself how close to orbit your body rocket would get, with cool-aid in the booster tanks. The big secret is that you'll get MUCH MORE quality work done before lunch WITH a good breakfast than blasting right past it.

So feeding the BODY, first thing is very necessary, every day.

Feeding the MIND in the morning is just as important and fruitful as breakfast. Take time to read some scripture. Make God's word your launch pad for the day. Write a verse on a small piece of paper and make it your link to 'mission control'. Tape the verse to your rear view mirror for those stressful gridlock moments in traffic. Put the verse in your toolbox or include it on your screen saver. See how the verse enhances quality and order to all your daily tasks. Share the verse at the supper table. Careful though. You may find yourself memorizing that verse to keep in your spiritual toolbox.

Feed your HEART at breakfast time, for feeling God working through you and your day's agenda. Prayer is that heart-feeding that can continue all through the day, and night too. Prayer and praise are the most powerful of communication tools, yet aren't limited by battery life, buttons, or range.

Prayer has its own order that produces real lasting joy in that person praying.
The ACTS of Prayer have been a blessing to me, over and over. Each letter of ACTS gives us the sequence; the order of our prayer, as follows:

A = Adoration
God wants us to begin our time with Him, praising Him for who and what He is, in all that we know about Him. He cherishes hearing our, “I love you”, to Him, just like we want to hear it from others.

C = Confession
Because God is omniscient (all knowing) we don't need to 'let Him in on anything'; especially those things we've done, we know He doesn't like. The Bible calls those things, SINS. The purpose of this part of prayer, is that WE hear ourselves speak the same opinions about those things that God does. We align our thinking and principles to His, as stated in scripture.

T = Thankfulness
Before we rush to tell God what we need or want, we must keep our priorities in prayer straight by thanking Him for all His goodness to us already. The Bible often groups God's goodness to us in two major categories; Mercy and Grace. People often think of them as being the same, but they are quite different. MERCY is God's goodness to us in not laying upon us all the punishment WE DESERVE, because of our self-centeredness and not following His plan for each day of our lives. GRACE is quite different as the other category of God's goodness to us. Grace are those things God gives us that WE DON'T DESERVE. They are gifts that couldn't possibly be put in a package with a bow on it. MERCY = Not getting what WE DO deserve and GRACE = That which God gives us WE DON'T deserve.

S = Supplication
This is the act of ASKING God for those things we need. With the same attitude we ask our parents for things we can use to bring honor to them, not just 'toys' to please ourselves. Our prayerful spirit must recognize that God has His schedule and order of things, that may not match up to our schedule. His answers can be “OK”, “NO”, or “NOT NOW”.

As we move through each day's agenda of our lives, we must be continually aware that our relationship with God must be maintained by HIS STANDARDS. We can't possibly expect to come to Him with our petitions when we cast Him aside all the rest of the day.

All the above precludes any recommendations of the many on-line programs and procedures in the genre of Time Management for the individual.