#4 – I'm Solo 'n Surrounded

[A puzzle inside makes a puzzle outside]

Teens are a puzzle to their families, to the church, and to the whole of society. To say that's natural is true in more ways than one. Yes, teens across the ages have had the appearance of being a puzzle. The adults of every generation are also on a fast track that doesn't allow them the time to take a close loving look at teens and their challenges.

Youth in those teen and pre-teen (sometimes called Tweens) years appear puzzling because they, in themselves, are puzzled, about life. Their clothes often don't fit, their attitudes can't find a fit with adults or with the kids, they not long ago played with. They want to try their wings and become more independent. They seek self-esteem by applying some of their own ideas for life.

On the outside, they are surrounded, but sadly so, on the inside, they are despondent, distressed, often disillusioned by dead ends – especially with technology. On the outside, they are surrounded, but on the inside they are solo – singular – separated. They feel separated from a life with substance and truth. They are drowning in a sea of despair, and all the lighthouses are shining in another direction.

They try to drown out the nagging questions that never stop:
  • Am I a kid or an adult?
  • What do I do with all these new urges, my body sends me?
  • Will others cease to love me?
  • What standards am I now judged by?
  • Life as a kid was a game... but what now?
  • What about those strange questions from the opposite sex?
  • Am I ready for a job?
  • How do I learn a car is not a toy?
  • How do I shake the shame if I make a mistake?
  • How can I dump all this inside stress – and where?
  • Is the Bible just a pile of stories for kids and old people?
  • What should I definitely Not say to white-haired people?
  • How do I pick out a good role model?
  • Will my stupid choices in the past destroy me?
I'm superconfused. Someone on the radio said God is not the author of confusion. Well, does that mean He's mad at me and dumped me?