#9 - Orbit of Order - Computer Tools

Computers make it super easy to create things, update them as necessary, and share them with others. Here are just a few of them:
Organizing one's thoughts in a graphical way is generally called "mind mapping". When I write a book, I begin with a tagline. Second, I add a title, then comes the theme. Next I just start throwing topics up there, as I think of them. Lastly, I keep one eye on my stated theme as I begin a repeating process of rearranging the topics - some get added and some get deleted. My favorite program is called, "FreeMind.com". Like this one, most credible programs have on-line video tutorials.
=== Please note the caution at the end of this post. ===
If you have a project of almost any kind, it's likely there is a to-do list that have items that must be finished before the next is started. Some of the items can be done at the same time.

Project software help put your tasks in an order that can be visualized easily. The resulting chart (the blue blocks above) become a Gantt Chart.
Likely the most popular and powerful computer programs are for databases and spreadsheets. They like lists - the database programs like monster lists that can be easily sorted through and reports made. We use a database every time we look at a telephone directory or a parts catalog.

Spreadsheets don't like monster long lists, but they can make the lists as many columns wide as you'd need. More importantly, is that each "cell" in a spreadsheet can contain most anything, especially, formulas. The spreadsheet program was what actually made the beginning computer so popular to the public.
The first program that is learned and the most heavily used, is the word processor. While it can do a little bit of what many of the other programs can do, its biggest job is writing letters, curriculum, reports etc. Word processors really do some organizing better than the other programs... and that is creating outlines. We are all familiar with outlines. They are the logical way to put groups within groups. 
No computer can get along without grouping files and putting groups within groups within groups within... Well you see what we mean. Windows computers come with a program called something like "file explorer".

God's Word gives a powerful and deadly example of the 'groups within groups' organizing principle. Joshua 7:16 - 18 describes how Joshua located the evil person in the camp by choosing groups within groups to narrow down finding the offender. Tribes, then families, then households, then man by man. Because of the disobedience of only Achan, many of soldiers died and God destroyed every one of Achan's family.

God wants us to be orderly, and He wants us to lovingly obey and trust Him.  

Caution: Before downloading 'so-called' free programs, read their privacy terms. 
In almost every case, I've seen the 'free' programs require you to register the program
with your name and contact information is sold or traded to marketing companies.