#6 - Orbit of Order - Intro

Our space program has given us multitudes of examples of circular motion; of rotation, of paths of processes that follow a circle. We can call them orbits or race courses, or cycles. Like the ride on a Ferris wheel, the journey is usually more than 'one time around', and maybe rather continuous.

We notice the orderly cycles of blood flow within us, and the countless cycles of the seasons where we live. I like to think of a circle as a reminder of 'timely repetition with a purpose'. Genesis tells us God provided the solar system to provide times and seasons.

We can remember well, the rotation of classes and subjects when we were teenagers in school. First Biology, then Algebra, History, Health, etc. Each day was a cycle; a rotation of those subjects and others. Let's think of our Orbit of Order as different subjects that we get some exposure to each week. 

Just like in school we rotate through the subjects and then repeat the cycle. Our orbit cycle can use all or just a few of the ones we touch on here. Depending on the needs and interests of those teens you mentor, you can even add other ones also.