#8 - Orbit of Order - Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have a great calming affect on those that work them, whether they're preteens, teens, or silver-haired folks. They force us to slow down, like the sloth (pictured). 

At first glance, some puzzle pieces appear to be identical. We learn to take a closer look for differences that aid us in finding where they go, to help build the beautiful finished picture. 

There are many computer programs that allow you to create your own jigsaw puzzle that is assembled on-screen.

Caution: Before downloading 'so-called' free programs, read their privacy terms. In every case, I've seen the 'free' programs require you to register the program with your name, contact information and other data that is sold or traded to marketing companies. 
I enjoy an easy to use jigsaw creation program that protects my privacy. You may take a look at:        brainsbreaker.com