Let all things be done decently and in order. 1 Corinthians 14:40

In the English we see just 9 words that pack a powerful punch. These inspired words Apostle Paul included in a letter he sent to the church in Corinth that was having some communication /cooperation problems to say the least. We would be out of order if we were to use the ‘decently and in order’ regarding our website design mission however the ‘all things’ gives us license. We’ll be sure to not skip over that powerful little word ‘and’.
In order’ easily suggests to us one of ORDER’s 5 most common meanings;
  1. the ARRANGEMENT of …
  2. a COMMAND of a leader
  4. a GROUP like ‘species’
  5. a QUIET respect in a meeting
Consider the other uses of ‘order’ to see if there is one you might improve upon.

Carefully remember the AND of the verse above.

Decently’ is also a fascinating word that covers more than one attribute of the things we do, such as:
  1. Conforming to a standard
  2. Modesty
  3. Adequate
  4. Respectable
  5. Kindness
Ponder for a few minutes each of the elements of ‘decently’.

List some instances you demonstrated your abilities with each of these 5 elements.
  1. Make a website on a wall that goes through the above process.
  2. Have others add their instances they did well and then
  3. make a ‘webpage’ of those instances where improvement needed to be made.
  4. Make a final webpage list of interesting matches between the two lists of ‘decently’ and ‘order’.